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08 april 2020
We are with you! Blauberg Ventilatoren policy in response to COVID-19 pandemic
The global situation caused by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic calls for new approaches to business organization and new, more flexible solutions.

Keeping abreast of these challenges our company has adjusted its business and continues manufacturing its products, shipping orders and serving its customers. 

The health and safety of our employees are our number one priority. With this in mind, we are taking a range of efforts to minimize risks for our personnel. Remote work arrangements have been made for many of our specialists to keep them out of harm's way. Those who are still manning their stations have been provided with all the necessary means of individual protection and informed about the safety protocols. Our workspaces undergo regular disinfection to reduce potential exposure to the virus.

Since proper ventilation plays a key role in combating the spread of viral infections, the proper operation of ventilation equipment is vital for people's health. Ventilation equipment is at the forefront of protecting people in hospital, pharmacies, shops and residential buildings helping to maintain a healthy breathing environment for those in quarantine.

We continue following the situation as it emerges, track the latest updates from government agencies and health institutions, and will keep you informed about any and all of the important changes in our business operations.